Is there a minimum/maximum order size?

Yes, we have a 25 clone minimum, and for our maximum amount, call or email us to get more information about our current stock.

What can you tell me about your plants?

We have clones, grown in soil-less media, shipped in 2" x 2" recycled paper containers. We also have young mother plants, shipped in 1 gallon plastic containers. We have a 1 gallon container deposit(To encourage recycling, of course!).

Are you developing any new strains? I'm

Yes! We have plenty of new strains in the works, and are constantly cultivating new ones from private seed stock!

Are there any shipping fees?

All deliveries within 50 miles are absolutely free!

Want a strain we don't have?

Send us an email and let us know if there is something you would like us to get.